What we do

WEPAK CORPORATION is a manufacturing company specializing in private label janitorial products.  WEPAK CORPORATION carries a wide variety of janitorial products packaged in quarts, gallon jugs, 5 gal pail and 55 gal drums.  WEPAK CORPORATION can do custom batching if 220 gallons of product is ordered.  Shipping to the east coast full freight allowed on thirty-five dozen quarts, one hundred and fifty gallons, in pails or gallon cases, or two hundred and twenty gallons in drums.  Assorted WEPAK product is permitted.  Contact WEPAK CORPORATION for your private label needs.

We now have the capability to produce multi-colored labels to update and enhance your private label program. Please contact us at wepak@bellsouth.net or with your local Wepak sales representative.